GSU CRE Entrepreneurship Course: Student Q&A
Photo of Georgia State University Welcome sign.

GSU CRE Entrepreneurship Course: Student Q&A

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Learn more about Georgia State University’s CRE Entrepreneurship course from a student’s perspective.

A female student reading in a classroom setting.

GSU CRE Course: Guest Speakers for the Win!

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GSU believes in using CRE professionals to teach many of their commercial real estate courses as the school sees the value of the professionals’ work background and experience.

A student studying at their computer in a classroom.

How GSU’s CRE Entrepreneurship Course is Unique

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In GSU’s CRE Entrepreneurship class, Samir Patel and Stan ensure students are headed on the right path in the industry.

Five multi-racial college students in a college classroom

GSU: Having an Impact with CRE Entrepreneurs

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GSU uniquely serves commercial real estate students, using industry professionals as instructors with a high dose of guest speakers.

Office buildings in Sandy Springs near Atlanta

Real Estate Investing: The Long and Short of It

8 months ago 0 0 329

Real estate developers and investors once played the long game, and it paid off. Today, buyers are stuck in the long game but with low yields and little potential for value appreciation.

Residential Real Estate Senior Living

Residential Real Estate Market: Challenge + Opportunity

1 year ago 0 0 444

The current residential real estate market presents both challenges and opportunities, especially due to the Baby Boomers.

Economists paint a rosy picture about real estate market

Sonenshine Reflections

1 year ago 0 0 478

Today’s commercial real estate market leaves many professionals scratching their heads about what the future holds.

What is Happening in Commercial Real Estate Now?

What’s Happening in Commercial Real Estate Now?

1 year ago 0 0 656

The Commercial Real Estate industry has experienced rapid change across all sectors since the onset of the pandemic. What’s happening now?

Single-Family Rental Market

Single-Family Rental Market: Hot, Hot, Hot

1 year ago 0 0 768

The single-family rental market has grown exponentially, even during the pandemic. Is this a market and investment trend that is here to stay?

Proposed Changes to 1031 Exchanges

An End to 1031 Exchanges?

1 year ago 0 0 714

The current proposed tax legislation on 1031 exchanges could impact a variety of users of the tax break and will most likely result in unintended consequences and unrealized benefits.

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