Sell high? Not so fast!

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One of the truisms of investing is that you should always sell high — in other words, when the market is at its peak. With values for commercial properties approaching, and in some cases surpassing, “all time highs,” one might argue for aggressive selling. Not so fast! Pause, take a breath, and consider the following decision pathway: 1.    A primary consideration should be “What will you do with the money from the sale?” In this market, virtually all asset classes are very expensive, and cash is yielding close to nothing. This leads to question #2… 2.    If the current property is financially sound and producing a good return, why replace it for another? Unless… 3.    If the current property is not performing well, no longer meets your objectives, has changed fundamentally, or has fulfilled the objectives for which it was purchased, it may be time to sell. 4.    Are the

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Six Wealth-Building Real Estate Resolutions for 2015

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You might be surprised to know how many commercial real estate purchases are driven more by emotional than rational decision making. With the real estate and stock markets being white-hot and returns on conservative alternatives near zero, it is tempting and easy to throw caution to the wind. Beware if you dare. If you’re considering a real estate investment in 2015, here are Six Wealth-Building Real Estate Resolutions to ensure that rational thinking prevails. 1. Neighborhood trends matter. Google earth doesn’t tell the entire story. A site visit is worth the time and expense. Also, engage a professional familiar with the property type and local market to provide an objective assessment that will reveal opportunities and potential problems associated with planned rezoning, future developments, transportation changes, or market trends. 2. Physical condition of property Get an inspection! Hidden conditions can be very costly. A pound of prevention…well, you know. 3.

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