Historic Tax Credits Drive Downtown Revitalization

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The town of Sandusky, Ohio is experiencing a bit of a resurgence these days, thanks in part to Historic Tax Credits (HTCs) incentivizing developers to re-think their approach to space, as described in: Booming downtown Sandusky gets a boost. While this isn’t necessarily a “new” approach to redevelopment, it is an incentive that is preserving the culture and architectural nuances of cities across the country, and PREF LLC is uniquely positioned to help organizations strategically leverage HTCs through financing and trading tax credits. Here in Georgia, downtown Savannah has experienced a similar resurgence. Boarded and largely desolate for years, Broughton Street is a great example of how businesses recognized and utilized redevelopment incentives to revitalize the downtown area to a once again make it a bustling center of commerce. BusinessinSavannah.com cites a study by real estate and economic development firm, Place Economics, who reiterates the importance of these programs to

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