How Investors + Developers Pivot to Accommodate Shifting Retail Trends

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It’s a simple truth: The retail market and business changes more than any other property type. In “How Retail is Shifting: A Focus on Malls,” I delved into the changes happening to retail malls. Continuing that idea, let’s take a look at other trends impacting retail real estate and consider how developers and investors are pivoting to take advantage of these trends. Current Trends Impacting Retail Real Estate Bank + Drug Store consolidation and shift to online services High-Density Residential Development in urban + close-in suburban areas Cultural demand for broader Entertainment Experience + Personal Service Continued popularity of Dining Out + Prepared Foods Growth of unregulated services, such as Uber Growth of Amazon, including its new private-label brand initiative With these trends in mind, the retail industry’s developers, property owners and retailers must adjust their thinking. Here’s a few ways that’s happening: Ways Retail Industry Leaders Pivot Addition of

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How Retail is Shifting: A Focus on Malls

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A recent article in The Atlantic opened with this: “According to Ellen Dunham-Jones, an architect and professor at Georgia Tech, there are about 1,200 enclosed malls in the United States, and about one-third of them are dead or dying.” The good news shared in the article, however, is that 211 malls are being retrofitted to accommodate other uses—some being used as colleges, medical centers, churches and even parks. Re-imagining malls offers hope to what looks like a rather dim mall future. The prominence of e-commerce, the exit of department store anchors and the growing popularity of open-air, mixed-use developments all contribute to the demise of second-tier traditional malls. Department Store Dilemmas Department store chains, like Sears and JCPenney, are closing in second-tier malls and in secondary markets. The big-name retailers are experiencing diminishing store traffic as more people buy online. This is not necessarily bad for the retailer, but online

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