GSU CRE Entrepreneurship Course: Student Q&A
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GSU CRE Entrepreneurship Course: Student Q&A

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I have been talking about the CRE Entrepreneurship courses at GSU over the course of few blogs.

Why trust me about the GSU experience? Here’s a student perspective discussing what the course meant to him.

Q: What is your name, status, degree, current position, and future career plans?

McAlister: My name is Rob McAlister, Jr. I am two classes away from graduating with my MS in Commercial Real Estate. I am the president and owner of Millrace Development, LLC, and my goal is to grow my company into a major player in the commercial real estate industry across the Southeast.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from this course? How was it different from other GSU courses?

McAlister: Here are some important takeaways I learned in the class:

  1. Beware of three-person partnerships.
  2. Professionals fall on a risk tolerance continuum, which dictates entrepreneurial “gumption.”
  3. There are thousands of ways to make money in this industry.
  4. More risk comes with more potential reward…and possibly loss.

The difference between this class and others was the storytelling and real-world, practical advice. The guest speakers were very solid as well.

Q: What did you like best about the class?

McAlister: I liked how personable the professors were. Their stated purpose for teaching was pouring information and experience into the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs. I took Stan Sonenshine up on his offer to discuss deals, and that action has now grown into a valuable friendship and mentorship.

Q: Which speaker did you like the best and why?

McAlister: Gary Chesson. Stan’s recommendation to read his book “Creating Trinity: Blueprints of a Real Estate Entrepreneur & Investor” was instrumental. After I finished reading the book, I have never been more motivated to go do deals.

Q: Do you have any other comments about the class and how it benefited you?

McAlister: I continue to benefit from the impact of my relationship with Stan as well as my classmates. Stan’s help and wisdom have been key in helping me launch my CRE business. I have also stayed close with the students with whom I was grouped in the course.

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