GSU Graduate Learns Value of Relationships
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GSU Graduate Learns Value of Relationships

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The experiential learning-based curriculum of GSU’s CRE Entrepreneurship course encourages students to develop a comprehensive skill set and offers the ability to experience the industry through the lens of multiple unique perspectives.

What is the impact of this multidimensional approach? Here, one of our students discusses his experience and perspective on the efficacy of the course.

Q: What is your name, status, degree, current position, and future career plans?

Odutola: My name is Samuel Odutola. I earned my BBA in Real Estate and Finance in May of 2022 and now work for LaSalle in Asset Management. My professional goal is to become an Acquisitions Officer, Advisory Professional, and/or Investment Operator. Ultimately, I want to be able to guide others toward their own professional success in the same way that has been done for me. 

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from this course? How was it different from other GSU courses?

Odutola: My biggest takeaway was the importance of genuine professional relationships and understanding the nuances of establishing, developing and participating in those relationships.  I’ve never taken another class, either at GSU or elsewhere, that focused so much of the curriculum on learning from the experiences of industry professionals. It really gave me a unique and well-rounded understanding of the CRE industry.

Q: What did you like best about the class?

Odutola: I most enjoyed the off-script stories told during any given lecture. We had the advantage of unpacking subjects by hearing firsthand accounts of real estate scenarios and situations that were outside the sphere of conventionally taught frameworks. These lessons were very engaging and made the class a weekly highlight for me. 

Q: Which speaker did you like the best and why?

Odulta: Guest speaker Klaas Baks shared quality insights about the corporate environment and talked about how one’s perspective changes over time. One thing that really stuck with me was how he’s found personal success by making sure he gives as much focus to himself as he does to others. 

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