CRE Entrepreneurship Student: Intellectually Empowered
Photo of Willie J. Ellington

CRE Entrepreneurship Student: Intellectually Empowered

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Burgeoning entrepreneur Willie J. Ellington appreciated the realistic insight into the CRE industry offered by GSU CRE Entrepreneurship course.

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GSU Graduate Learns Value of Relationships

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The GSU CRE Entrepreneurship course encourages students to develop skills and experience the industry through the lens of industry professionals.

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GSU CRE Entrepreneurship Course: Student Q&A

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Learn more about Georgia State University’s CRE Entrepreneurship course from a student’s perspective.

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GSU CRE Course: Guest Speakers for the Win!

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GSU believes in using CRE professionals to teach many of their commercial real estate courses as the school sees the value of the professionals’ work background and experience.

A student studying at their computer in a classroom.

How GSU’s CRE Entrepreneurship Course is Unique

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In GSU’s CRE Entrepreneurship class, Samir Patel and Stan ensure students are headed on the right path in the industry.

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GSU: Having an Impact with CRE Entrepreneurs

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GSU uniquely serves commercial real estate students, using industry professionals as instructors with a high dose of guest speakers.

Attracting Young Talent

Attracting Young Talent to the CRE Industry

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Check out my conversation with CRE Recruiter David Poline to consider the best way to attract a young, diverse and qualified CRE talent pool.

CRE Entrepreneurship Class Students

CRE Entrepreneurship Class at GSU: An A+ Experience

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Teaching CRE Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University was something I always wanted to try. And now I can say I did it, and it was an A+ experience. The class was about helping students decide what they want to do, how they are going to do it, and which resources they need to be successful.

CRE Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University

CRE Entrepreneurship at Georgia State: Get Ready

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One thing I have not done, but always wanted to do, is step inside the classroom. That is about to change. This fall I teach CRE Entrepreneurship at Georgia State. The course is an extension of how I mentor—this should be interesting for both me and the students.

Job Seekers: Resume, Internship, Job Fair

Job Seekers: Make Yourself Stand Out

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For many, a new year means a new start in their personal or professional lives—whether it’s hitting the gym, abstaining from alcohol or seeking a new job. Whatever resolution or aspiration you set, you need a commitment and a plan to succeed. This is exactly what I tell my mentees entering the work force: Not only do you need a plan; you need to make yourself stand out. But how do you do that? Create a solid resume, prepare for and attend job fairs, seek relevant internships and market yourself with confidence. Atlanta’s Job Growth in 2020 The forecasts are in, and the good news is you can secure a desirable job in the ATL. Despite positive numbers, this is not easy. According to a recent Bisnow article, “Metro Atlanta’s rocketing job growth has slowed in recent years, from more than 4% in 2014 to 1.5% in August [2019].” But

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