GSU: Having an Impact with CRE Entrepreneurs
Five multi-racial college students in a college classroom

GSU: Having an Impact with CRE Entrepreneurs

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Without a doubt, Harvard, Hopkins, UNC Chapel Hill and Emory produce strong commercial real estate professionals within their programs, but these programs prepare students for positions in institutional real estate and corporate America, and their focus is often data, data, data.

Georgia State University’s (GSU) location—in the middle of a dynamic, high-growth city like Atlanta with a very diverse population—makes its real estate education mission unique: how to prepare an upwardly mobile, unconnected, and diverse student body for success and integrate it into what historically has been an exclusive industry.

The University is rising to the challenge.

Imparting Real World Experience

At GSU, industry professionals do most of the teaching, with a heavy dose of guest speakers. Students benefit from “stories” from real world experience.

The goal is to better prepare students for a career in commercial real estate by not only teaching them core competencies but also supplementing that knowledge with practical tools and decision-making options to ensure success.

In addition, GSU students can access job opportunities through the school’s network of alumni, teachers, and speakers, who are active and prominent in Atlanta real estate.

My GSU Experience

I started teaching CRE Entrepreneurship at GSU in 2020, and my focus has always been on the planning, decision making, and processes involved with being a commercial real estate entrepreneur. In short, I put as much emphasis on the “why” and the “what” as I do on the “how.” It’s also about imparting my experience to the students.

Teaching real estate at GSU goes beyond teaching—it is mentoring as well. Instructors want to ensure these students head in the right direction within the industry. It’s fun to work with these students, and I’m confident we are having an impact. 

GSU Students: Unique Cohort

Students in this program are bright and determined, yet in many cases, they do not come from families with professional backgrounds or connections.

Teaching them the basics is not enough. Instructors offer access to the industry, ensure they embark on an appropriate path, and show them how to play the real estate game. And perhaps most importantly, we act as their advocates when they seek employment, especially with pedigree firms.

Check back to learn more about the GSU CRE Entrepreneurship classes.

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