More Players in Tax Credit Programs

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One emerging trend in tax credit programs we are more frequently seeing is cities, counties and sometimes even several towns banding together to offer film tax credit programs in the wake of state programs, such as Florida’s, expiring or being discontinued. These smaller areas—such as Miami-Dade—recognize the value of such programs. This trend alone should send a powerful message to states that these programs are wanted and valuable to the state and local economies. Minimizing the programs to a municipal level results in smaller programs, which are subject to a number of limitations regarding what productions have to do to qualify. Film tax credits in such a diminished capacity can make a difference for small, local productions, but they won’t attract the big productions that significantly impact the local and state economy. States will continue to benefit even when the municipalities provide incentives, but the opportunity for larger gains and

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Is Georgia’s Film Industry Hot? You Bet!

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The proof is in the numbers. According to Governor Nathan Deal, the film industry boasted a more than $7 billion economic impact on the state of Georgia during the last fiscal year. In fiscal 2016, 245 feature film and film productions created 2+ billion in direct spending. And many predict 2017 will be even bigger. In my last blog, Top Takeaways from GSU’s Views From the Top, I shared entertainment industry insight from John Brooks Klingenbeck, Managing Partner of Artist Entertainment Management at Red Hill Entertainment. This month, I take a closer look at this booming industry. An industry that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed expects only to grow in 2017. So, why Georgia? The state has intentionally created an attractive breeding ground for the entertainment industry to grow. Creating tax incentives and promoting an industry workforce via education are just two of the many ways Georgia has succeeded in this

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