Amazon’s Bold Purchase of Whole Foods: Why Exactly?

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Jeff Bezos has done it again. He’s managed to set the retail world on end with his unexpected, and possibly risky, move to purchase Whole Foods. And the move has left a trail of analysts wondering exactly why he did it. So, I guess I will chime in. Stan’s Prediction Amazon bought Whole Foods because it now has 431 convenient pick-up points for existing and future customers to pick-up more Amazon stuff. It’s my thought that future home delivery will only be available for the best of customers, and if you don’t rank, you will be picking up your Amazon shipment, still conveniently, at your local Whole Foods store. That may be one of the main reasons the transaction happened, but let’s look at other factors influencing this just under $14 billion-dollar transaction which recently lit up the retail market. Why Whole Foods? Organic food market becomes flooded. At one

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